Colourful, creative, artistic spiritual creations to uplift the soul. Creating quality landscape designs, vibrant art & unique products

CURRENT ART/PROJECTS in process or just completed

Dec 14- Crossroads - All roads lead to good things. This is the title I have given to this recent painting. It definitely represents my current focus, intentions & circumstances as everything is going really well &the future looks bright & colourful in every direction!

This work is available- please enquire. Currently I am displaying various rotating works at Chickory Common in Durham until the end of February

Oct 30 - The Art Show received very very high accolades/praise & as such was a very encouraging event! Great thanks to all visitors for their wonderful comments!!  I am currently getting ready for a small show at Chickory Common Natural foods through Nov & Dec. I anticipate introducing new works every 2-3weeks



AS OF OCTOBER 1, 2018 we are no longer BUILDING per se. Our new focus will be to produce ARTWORKS, Crafts, DESIGNS, SIGNS & PRODUCTS.  

We will be focusing on creativity & offering a wide range of home & garden art & components/products.  Over the next few months the website will reflect more of our creative/art interests & let you know of upcoming events, products available & so on

We are still offering landscape designs & components such as bridges, screens, gates, planters, sculptures etc

The changes are due to a combination of interests & health changes. We no longer find it possible or desirable to do the heavy construction while neglecting the creative artistic inspirations that linger.