Colourful, creative, artistic spiritual creations to uplift the soul. Creating quality landscape designs, vibrant art & unique products

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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  THIS WEBSITE WILL BE DISCONTINUED AS OF APRIL 1 , is officially ending to reflect the changes in my life with health, motivations, dreams, etc  a NEW website will shortly be coming online at .  I am in the process of creating a whole new look and feel for the new directions I intend - once I get there I will launch a new site & embellish it with ARTWORKS, DESIGN & PRODUCTS...   THANK YOU FOR MANY GREAT YEARS as   It's time for great new adventures & a clean fresh start!   Dave

For the spiritually minded individuals "out there", please check out my existing

Here we explore many many aspects of spirituality from the metaphysical, universal concepts, positivity & health issues to world changes. There are thousands of articles, videos & supportive slogans sure to inspire you if your heart is open



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Very colourful Abstracts, florals, landscape scenes, nature images all in a loose, easy style meant to uplift. Come join us for a coffee & browse our open house. It will be a very casual easy-going affair meant to raise the vibes





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Bachelor Landscape Architecture, UofT '83,